Handheld, user-friendly video laryngoscope with high-resolution image quality

The Medcam is a portable and user-friendly video laryngoscope with high-resolution image quality. The Medcam presents a clear and real-time view of patient's airway, to assist in safer tracheal intubation. The Medcam is an improvement to ourMedan video laryngoscope

afbeelding Medcam Video Laryngoscope

Main features

Ergonomic design in analuminium housing, with a display that rotatesin two directions.

The 3-inch screen shows aclear real-time image.Ideal for picture recordings and analysis during tracheal intubation or examination/treatment of the laryngopharynx.

The Medcam can be used invarious configurationsthanks to the corresponding disposable blades. Suitable for all patients,from infant to adult.The disposable blades are provided with an anti-fogging agent.

Control all functions of the Medcam with the'one touch button'(on / off, taking photos and video recording).

The device holds arechargeable 18500A Li-ion battery.The 18500A battery is interchangeable and rechargeable with a separate battery charger.

Reading out photo and video files is easy via theUSB connection with magnetic connection.

Thedigital video outputis ideal for displaying video recordings on an external screen.

Thewater resistanceof the VL handle is IPX7 and IPX4 for the 3-inch monitor.

The Medcam comes with a2-year manufacturer's warranty.

3D animation of the Medcam MC2002


The Medcam is designed for daily use in conventional intubation procedures. All models use sterile (medical grade polycarbonate) disposable blades.

There are two different models of the Medcam, each of which isalso available as a Medcam Plus variant.

  • MC2001 (Plus)
    Suitable for babies and infants.
  • MC2002 (Plus)
    For adult patients.

afbeelding Medcam Video Laryngoscope
Image of the Medcam MC2001 (left) and Medcam MC2002 (right)

Medcam Plus

The MC2001 en MC2002 are both also available ina Plus variantfrom 2021.

The Plus variant hasall the advantages of the regular Medcam, but uses our new MAC blades(Plus blades).These disposable blades are slimmer than the standard MD blades, more curved and available for children and adults in 6 sizes / 8 variants. Including adifficult airway bladeand aMacintosh styleblade. For more information about the blades, see the text below.

afbeelding Medcam Video Laryngoscope
Image of the Medcam Plus variants. MC2001 Plus on the left, MC2002 Plus on the right.

Disposable blades

All Medcam models use sterile disposable blades, the "Single-Use VL Blades". These blades are made from medical grade polycarbonate raw material.

MD Blades

The standardMC2001andMC2002use the MD (single-use VL) bladen, similar to the blades used for the Medan Video Laryngoscope. The MD blades are available in 4 sizes.

The MD blades can alsobe used for the Pocket Video Laryngoscope (PVL).MD叶片上不符合+的变体the Medcam.

Overview MD blades

Name Model Target group
Afbeeldingen MD bladen MD-0 MC2001 Baby & infant
MD-1 MC2001 Children
MD-2 MC2002 Teens and small adults
MD-3 MC2002 Adults

MAC Blades

TheMC2001 Plusand theMC2002 Plususe the new patented MAC (single-use VL) blades. These renewed disposable blades have been developed on the basis of feedback from practice. We have implemented as many wishes of existing users as possible. This makes them also suitable for difficult cases of intubation.

The main features of the MAC blades:

  • Slimmer and more curved (compared to the MD blades)
    这些叶片提供智慧更多的回旋空间h the endotracheal tube and other instruments.
  • More variations (6 sizes / 8 variants)
    Suitable for all kind of situations, even where there is less space available.
  • Mac-3D blade(difficult airway)
    With an angle of 60 degrees for difficult airway.
  • Mac-3M blade(macintosh style)
    Across-over blade that allows direct laryngoscopy
  • Developed in-house

The new MAC bladesonly fitthe Plus models of the Medcam (andthe PVL Plus).

Overview MAC blades for adults

Suitable for the MC2002 Plus.

Name Patient weight Target group
afbeelding Mac 2,3 en 4 blad Mac-2 20-50 kg. Teens/adults
Mac-3 50-80 kg. Adults
Mac-4 80 kg. + Adults
afbeelding Mac-3M blad Mac-3M 40 kg. + Adults (direct laryngoscopy)
afbeelding Mac-3D blad Mac-3D 40 kg. + Adults (difficult airway)

Overview MAC blades pediatric

Suitable for the MC2001 Plus.

Name Patient weight Target group
Afbeeldingen Mac 0, 00 en 1 Mac-1 10-20 kg. Children
Mac-0 5-10 kg. Baby & infant
Mac-00 1,37-5 kg. Premature & neonatal

afbeelding Medcam Video Laryngoscope

Pocket Video Laryngoscope (PVL)

Also check out ourfoldable Pocket VL.The PVL is a moreluxurious alternativeto the Medcam.

The PVL has all the features of the Medcam and isalso available as a Plus variantusing the MAC blades.

Additional features of the PVL:

  • Equipped with ascratch-resistant coatingin a stylish black color.
  • Collapsible screen, making it easy to carry in a jacket pocket.
  • Produced in the Netherlands(PVL Plus).

More information about the PVL


Manual MC2001/MC2002

Download file

Manual MC2001/MC2002 Plus

Download file

Data sheet MC2001/MC2002

Download file

Data sheet MC2001/MC2002 Plus

Download file

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